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Vanilla Planifolia CO2-HA-Extract - Finest Vanilla Quality


Product Number 021.010

Acting effectively - Green energy


Sustainability also in energy sector - the investment in renewable energy ...

Environmental Pact Saar


The environment minister of the Saarland Dr. Simone Peter has affiliated on 16th August 2011 FLAVEX Naturextrakte GmbH in Environmental Pact Saar.

Selected effects of CO2-extracts in cosmetic application


.pdf-document as download in english and french

Supercritical Calendula extract, power-pack for cosmetic application


The flowering heads of Calendula officinalis, herb of the year 2009 and commonly known as marigold provide a powerful cocktail of active ingredients for cosmetic application.

Nutmeg CO2-se Extract - Product Number 001.002


Nutmeg is a basis spice but is at high risk for mycotoxin contamination. CO2-extracton can solve the problem.

FLAVEX produces a comprehensive range of herb & spice CO2-extracts


CO2-extracts of Chamomile, Marigold and Seabuckthorn are widely used as bioactive components in creams, sun creams, skin oils, shampoos and body milk products.