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Anti-Microbial Activity Of Usnea Lichen CO2-Extract


Unsea Lichen CO2-extract with an standardized concentration of 4 % usnic acid has approved growth inhibition on various germs, which are relevant in the cosmetic field.This extract is a multifunctional cosmetic ingredient with skin protection and deodorizing properties. More information are avail...

Antiaging With Natural Phytosterols


Do you know, that sea buckthorn as well as saw palmetto oils contain high amounts of phytosterols?

CO2-Antioxidants of Rosemary and Sage


FLAVEX offers oil soluble Rosemary Antioxidants with 14 % DTPs and 25 % DTPs as well as oil soluble Sage Antioxidant Extract with 35 % DTPs. In addition water emulsifiable Rosemary Antioxidant with 14 % DTPs and a Rosemary Antioxidant powder with 25 % DTPs are available.

CO2-Extracts With Anti-Microbial Activity Against Athlete´s Foot


An optimised formulation of essential oils and hop CO2-extract let your athlete´s foot vanish into thin air in short term. On request we would be pleased to send you more information.

ECOCERT-Certification – FLAVEX-products are ECOCERT-conform


FLAVEX offers, in addition to numerous conventional products, a wide range of organic certified extracts. Recently also an ECOCERT conformity certificate is available for some conventional extracts.

FLAVEX Supercritical Chia Oil – a vegetarian Omega-3 source


Most nutrition societies recommend consuming 30 % of food energy by fats and oils including a proportion of 2.5 % omega-6 and 0.5 % omega-3 fatty acids.

FLAVEX Usnea Lichen CO2-to Extract


This product is water dispersible and standardised to 4 % usnic acid. It is a multifunctional cosmetic ingredient with deodorising and antimicrobial properties. The efficacy was scientifically approved in a microbial challenge test.

Organic certified Paprika Extract


Unlike conventional paprika oleoresin, a bulk product obtained by hexane extraction, organic paprika extract is produced from sweet red peppers (Capsicum annuum) obtained by organic farming.

Organic certified Soy Germ CO2-to Extract rich in Phytosterols – Product code 200.001


Soy germs have an oil content of 6 – 8% only. The oil is therefore best extracted with supercritical carbon dioxide.

Supercritical Wheat Bran Extract (organic) – Product code 180.003


Wheat bran has about 3,5% of lipids. The supercritical wheat bran extract is mainly interesting because of the content of 2,5% phytosterols, 0,3% tocopherols, 0,3% tocotrienols and the presence of alkylresorcinols which all make part of the unsaponifiable constituents.

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