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Product groups

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Product applications

CO2-extracts are used in the following fields of application:


CO2-extracts of chamomile, calendula, seabuckthorn as well as rosemary antioxidants and specialty fatty oils are widely used as bio-active components in skincare creams, sunscreens, skin oils, shampoos and body milk products. Rosemary and Sage Antioxidants have besides their antioxidative efficacy also approved antibacterial and anti-aging activity.

Myrrh, sage and other selective extracts improve the quality of tooth pastes, mouthwash and bath products and massage fluids. CO2-extracts of ginger, cinnamon, redberries and juniper are new ingredients in fine fragrances where they unfold exciting olfactive effects. CO2-extracts make your products simply better.

Natural Remedies

The selectivity and versatility of the CO2-extraction process are key factors for the production of extracts with a high concentration of active lipophilic compounds while preserving the natural character simultaneously. Examples are ginger extracts with up to 50 % gingerols, sage extracts with up to 40 % diterpene phenols, St. John┤s wort extracts with up to 50 % hyperforins. CO2-extracts are setting new standards in the field of natural remedies.

Food Flavors

CO2-extracts are representing the natural flavor profile of the herbal raw material almost perfectly, since the gentle process avoids hydrolysis, oxidation and isomerisation of sensitive components. CO2-extracts are free of germs and solvent residues, easy to standardize and they are replacing conventional extracts in many fields where added value is important. CO2-extracts bring the fresh  and natural flavor to your bakeries, milk products, sausages, beverages and other products.

Rosemary Antioxidants retard oxidation of fatty and essential oils and they stabilize carotinoids and other natural colours.

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