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Quality right from the Start

Competence, continuous research and development efforts as well as detailed and traceable documentation of all relevant process steps from the organic contract cultivation right-up to the finished product are a guarantee for the authenticity and purity of the extracts and the base of our stringent product quality. All products are supplied with detailed batch-to-batch analytical certificates. Ensuring quality is the major task and a foundation of the FLAVEX philosophy.

Supercritical extracts have a unique profile and concentrated spectrum of lipophilic ingredients. They are free of solvents and inorganic salts and they need no preservatives. They are practically sterile and don’t provide a base for germ growth due to the absence of water, proteins and polysaccharides. All this allows a safe application and simple declaration.

Supercritical extracts anticipate legal requirements and your customers’ expectations regarding naturalness and purity. They mark the quality standard in many
applications, set market trends and provide a competitive advantage.

The FLAVEX®-Seal - Your guarantee
for excellent product quality.