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A big step on our way to reducing greenhouse gases

We have been generating our own electricity for many years with the help of our photovoltaic systems and purchase 100% green electricity from external sources. This has enabled us to gradually reduce the proportion of fossil energy sources in our company.

In order to cover the high demand for heating and cooling for our production process from sustainable energy sources, we had to develop an individual master plan for implementation of alternative energy supply.

The CO2 extraction process is based on the variable properties of carbon dioxide, which is gaseous at normal pressure and room temperature. We use its various thermodynamic states for the extraction process. To achieve these thermal states, the production plants have to be heated and cooled in 3-shift operation. The heat was previously obtained from fossil energy sources and the cold was generated with electrically operated air-cooled chillers.
However, now we have changed that.

Extensive investment in sustainable alternative energy generation

In recent months, we have expanded the technical systems for solar energy and for the recovery of residual process heat. A new propane gas refrigeration system with heat recovery provides the process cooling. The waste heat generated is recovered by a high-temperature heat pump and reused as process heat.
A new solar thermal field on our company premises supports the heat pump. Large buffer storage tanks for hot and cold water provide enough capacity for the new alternative energy supply. This ensures that the system has sufficient heating and cooling energy at all times. The additional electrical energy required will be provided by the expansion of our photovoltaic systems.

The implementation of our innovative and sustainable energy concept allows us to save energy from fossil fuels. We use environmentally friendly, natural refrigerants such as propane and increase the energy efficiency of our production by recovering process heat. At least in the summer months, we will be able to work almost energy self-sufficiently.
These measures will also help to significantly reduce our carbon footprint in the coming years and bring us closer to our goal of climate neutrality.

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