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Rainforest Alliance certification as a further step towards sustainability

FLAVEX Naturextrakte GmbH has set another building block for a better future for people and nature. In June 2021, we successfully completed the audit for Rainforest Alliance certification. We source ginger from a Rainforest Alliance certified farm and are pleased to offer our ginger total extract no. 014.033 as the first product. Together with their partners, the Rainforest Alliance protects forests, improves the living conditions of agricultural and forestry producers and strengthens their human rights. In doing so, the Rainforest Alliance supports producers to fight the climate crisis decisively and to prepare for its consequences. The Rainforest Alliance frog seal stands for a better future for people and nature. Certified farms are better and safer places to live and work, where human rights must be respected. Farmers receive training that addresses issues like child labor and promotes gender equality and non-discrimination. The Rainforest Alliance also works to achieve better livelihoods for farmers and workers, for example, by encouraging farmers to use good agricultural practices that help improve crop yields and reduce costs. Farmers must protect natural resources and the environment by using land, water, and energy carefully. Farmers on certified farms use fewer artificial fertilizers and pesticides, preventing pollution and managing waste. They learn how to preserve forested and protected areas, which in turn helps support biodiversity of plants and animals. Farmers and farm workers are also trained to use climate-smart farming methods and to adapt to the effects of the climate crisis. By bringing diverse allies together, the Rainforest Alliance protects forests, improves the livelihoods of farmers and forest communities, promotes their human rights, and helps them mitigate and adapt to the climate crisis in bold and effective ways.
  • Rainforest Alliance Certified ginger means…
    • Livelihoods … contributing to lifting rural people out of poverty by improving sustainable livelihood opportunities for farmers, workers, and their families.
    • Climate …training farmers to grow better crops using climate-smart agriculture, which help them mitigate and adapt to climate impacts.
    • Forests and biodiversity …promoting more sustainable land management practices to protect forests, biodiversity and natural resources.
    • Human rights …addressing human rights abuses like child and forced labor, low wages, poor working conditions, and gender inequality.
When you choose our Rainforest Alliance Certified ginger, you are making a commitment to a better future for people and nature. Find out more at