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Flavex Naturextrakte GmbH
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Whether you are looking for highly effective extracts for your anti-aging cosmetic lines, new components
for your food supplements or natural preservatives for your food products we can offer you different solutions.

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The FLAVEX Organic Vanilla Project in Uganda


FLAVEX Naturextrakte GmbH and Coetzee Organic (U) Ltd are partners in a cooperation with 154 farmers with small-scale plantations – co-developing three officially registered farmers cooperatives located in Western Uganda in the breath-taking Rwenzori Mountains. An umbrella certification guarantees the high quality organic status of the vanilla beans. The introduction of a Fair Trade certification to some of the more developed groups is in preparation in order to create further value and socio-economic development.



Security is of course a major issue, with fresh beans being worth more than silver in weight. Working on various iterations in relationship building and management, we are now assisting the farmers financially in the pre-season to be able to afford armed security to protect their only viable source of income.


Training sessions within the project help the farmers to improve their harvest yield by cultivating and harvesting only fully mature beans. Unfortunately, many traders promise low prices also for non-mature beans. The farmers are often willing to agree to this exploitation, because the deadline for the school fee is shortly before the vanilla harvest season.



In our project, green, matured beans are fully cash-paid to the farmers, split in part prepayment and cash on delivery of premium organic quality. The price calculation is based on the quality of the vanilla. The fermentation is done under strictly controlled conditions to enhance the content of vanillin - ensuring a pure distinctive vanilla flavour. After the fermentation, the beans are shipped directly to our facility in Germany where we produce the vanilla extract with the gentle CO2 extraction process.



Honesty and trust are the basis for the success of this project that started in the year 2016.
Quality is the biggest creator of value, which will enable us to invest in social and environmental programs and forming a truly sustainable agriculture supply chain.
Social support - such as the donation of a goat and a cow for the sustainable supply of a young family as present at local wedding celebrations - underlines the integration of the partners at various levels.





Sustainable cultivation farming of Arnica montana in Germany 




For already many years, we have been cooperating with partners on various projects to ensure a sustainable supply of the endangered species arnica. Our primary long-term objective is the field cultivation of Arnica montana, and consequently the security of supply for our customers as well as the protection of wild populations.

An important milestone has now been reached!
Since this year, FLAVEX Naturextrakte GmbH is exclusively supplied with arnica flowers from sustainable field cultivation in Germany. Within the scope of this project, our partners have managed to select and cultivate a special variety with a high-grade ingredient profile.

In this first year, the harvest yields are still small. The clear ambition for the coming years will be to expand cultivation area and quantities, in order to become largely independent of wild collection within 5 to 10 years.

This will enable us to continue to support our customers as a reliable partner, and step by step in future even more sustainably. In combination with the long shelf life and highly standardised concentration of bioactive components of our Arnica CO2 extracts, this is a clear advantage!

Traditionally, the flowers of the medicinal plant arnica are collected in large quantities from Galicia and the Carpathians for use in natural cosmetics. Increasing demand, difficulty to control wild collection, but also changing weather conditions have been a challenge for the procurement of the flowers during the last years.

With the aid of the current project, we now have achieved a controlled and gentle cultivation of the endangered and strictly protected species Arnica montana. Transparency, sustainability and conservation of resources are important elements for the purchase of raw material at FLAVEX Naturextrakte GmbH.






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