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Flavex Naturextrakte GmbH
Nordstraße 7
D-66780 Rehlingen
Tel.: +49 (0) 68 35 / 91 95 - 0
Fax: +49 (0) 68 35 / 91 95 - 95

Sustainability- Securing the Future Together 

Sustainable development means meeting the needs of today without compromising the ability of future
generations from also meeting the same needs (World Commission on Environment and Development, 1987).

FLAVEX produces natural botanical extracts which means we are dependent on the continuous and secure supply of
high quality natural plant materials. This is different to industrial over-farming which is one of the leading causes for environmental and social harm as well as the loss of biodiversity.
Sustainability – The Smart Way
Whereas, FLAVEX relies on an ecologically friendly and where possible an organic and local cultivation.Thanks to this
and our long-term relationships to our trusted suppliers we are able to meet social compatible conditions and sustainable products for all actors in the supply chain. We are confident that sustainability does not only guarantee outstanding quality
but also offers our customers a competitive advantage.



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