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Coriandre extrait CO2-se
Product-No.: 002.001

Matières Premières:
Coriandrum sativum – Fruits, dried

By supercritical fluid extraction with natural carbon dioxide, no solvent residues, no inorganic salts, no heavy metals, no reproducible microorganisms [1].

75 – 97 % essential oil with 48 – 80 % linalool, alpha-pinene, limonene, linalyl acetate, gamma-terpinene, camphor, aldehydes, less than 100 ppm safrol.

The coriander extract has an antimicrobial effect and is therefore used as a preservative in pharmaceutical products [2]. The extract is also used in herbal medicines for gastrointestinal complaints. Coriander is also used folklorically to treat worms and as a liniment for joint pain and rheumatism [3].*

Coriander seed oil is used as an aroma for e.g. desserts, spirits and liqueurs, but also as a spice extract in hearty dishes. Due to its antibacterial effect, essential coriander extract also has preservative properties [4].*

Due to its positive properties on the gastrointestinal function, the extract is also well suited for use in food supplements.*

The CO2-extracted essential oil from fully ripe and dried fruits has a fresh, sweet, spicy, peppery and woody fragrance, rounded off by floral and citrus nuances. This makes the extract suitable as a fragrance in perfumes, soaps and other cosmetic products. The essential oil of coriander seed also shows a good effectiveness against bacteria with dermatological relevance. Hence, it is also recommended for the preservation and as a support in the treatment of skin infections and dermatitis [5].*

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26(3):420-4, 2012.


* Statements summarise literature evidence and have informative character. They might be derived from in vitro or animal tests and thus not be substantiated for humans. Statements have not been evaluated by competent authorities and do not refer to finished products. The marketer of any finished product containing any FLAVEX extract as ingredient is responsible for assuring that the claims made for his product are lawful and comply with all applicable laws and regulations of the country in which the product is to be sold.