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Our cultivation projects are a basis for high quality raw materials

With our partners on the way to a secure raw material supply

We do not take any risks when purchasing key raw materials. Long-term contracts with our partners in the countries of origin ensure availability of starting materials such as ginger or curcuma roots.

Hand in Hand with our Farmers
Our different partners in Central Europe produce Marigold (Calendula) flowers with a high content of faradiol esters or chamomile flowers with a selected high content of bisabolol.

Partnership with Social Commitment
In order to ensure availability of thermophilic Mediterranean medicinal plants and spices, we have initiated a government-funded cultivation project in Albania. In ecologically sustainable agriculture they grow rosemary, sage, oregano or balm leaf.

Making Quality Producible
Due to the increasing demand of arnica flowers, there is a risk that the traditional collection areas will be overused and so the natural wildlife population will decrease. We would like to protect these valuable plants and we also want to support their natural distribution. In order to meet the increasing quality requirements regarding purity and active ingredient content, we operate a local cultivation project. This enables the optimization of the agronomical traits of the cultivation, which make a mechanization possible.

TOGETHERNESS- Humans, the Environment and Trade
FLAVEX provides selected seeds and plant materials to the cultivation projects. In particular, in high-priced raw materials such as for example, echinacea. Optimized seeds are the basis for highly concentrated active ingredient contents in the CO2 extracts to ensure a good price performance.


Here you can find further information about some of our current projects:

Arnica montana

Sustainable cultivation farming of Arnica montana in Germany

For already many years, we have been cooperating with partners on various projects to ensure a sustainable supply of the endangered species arnica. Our primary long-term objective is the field cultivation of Arnica montana, and consequently the security of supply for our customers as well as the protection of wild populations.
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The FLAVEX Organic Vanilla Project in Uganda

The FLAVEX Organic Vanilla Project in Uganda

FLAVEX Naturextrakte GmbH and Coetzee Organic (U) Ltd are partners in a cooperation with 154 farmers with small-scale plantations – co-developing three officially registered farmers cooperatives located in Western Uganda in the breath-taking Rwenzori Mountains.
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