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Personal Care & Fine Fragrances
Experience the Essence of Nature on your Skin

Pure natural CO2 extracts protect, heal and improve the skin in a gentle and long-lasting way. Supercritical CO2 extracts unfold particular olfactory effects in the perfumery.

Looking for natural ingredients for your personal care products?

Be inspired by the selection of extracts with fascinating effects that are suitable for different areas of application. In addition to extracts with a caring or coloring effect, we offer extracts that contain active components or provide an appealing fragrance experience. CO2 extracts will add a unique character to your product.

Searching for extracts with a specific benefit?

Searching for extracts with a specific benefit? Here you will find an overview of extracts that you can use to achieve a specific effect.

Choose the desired effect or application:

Anti-inflammatory effect

We recommend the following products:

Antioxidant effect

You can achieve an antioxidant effect with the following extracts:

Extracts for wrinkle treatment

The formation of wrinkles can be softened with extracts that have antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and regenerating properties.

Extracts with antimicrobial properties

Many of our extracts have antimicrobial activity, such as rosemary and sage with their diterpene phenols. Furthermore, we recommend the following extracts:

Coloring effects

For a natural coloring of your products, we would recommend preferably extracts from paprika and carrot. Other caring extracts with a high content of carotenoids, such as marigold, sea buckthorn pulp or rosehip are also suitable for this purpose.


The following extracts impress with their pleasant fragrance:


For a regenerating effect, choose between extracts with nourishing and anti-inflammatory properties:


Extracts with anti-inflammatory, antioxidant or anti-wrinkle properties keep the skin young and beautiful.

Cosmetic Preservation

Some CO2 extracts can support the preservation system of cosmetic products and replace critical preservatives. Especially antimicrobial and antioxidant extracts have a preservative function and can also be used as bioactive components for deodorising purposes, for the treatment of wounds, skin impurities or athlete’s foot. Some of the extracts also have an anti-inflammatory or anti-aging effect.

Sun Care

Various factors play a role in sun care: e.g. regenerating, anti-inflammatory properties and light protection effects. We recommend the following extracts for sun care products:

Men Care

Men’s cosmetics have to fulfil special requirements. Whether beard care, skin soothing after shaving, soap, hair care or general skin care – you will find numerous extracts for your applications that convince with anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidative or regenerating effects and also with a herbal fragrance.

Hair Care

We recommend the following extracts for use in care products for hair and scalp: