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Rosmarin und Salbei

According to new scientific evidence, the relationship between rosemary and sage is surprisingly much closer than originally expected. Therefore, we had to revise the botanical nomenclature. The plant we used to call Rosmarinus officinalis is now called Salvia rosmarinus.

Arnica montana

For already many years, we have been cooperating with partners on various projects to ensure a sustainable supply of the endangered species arnica. Our primary long-term objective is the field cultivation of Arnica montana, and consequently the security of supply for our customers as well as the protection of wild populations.

Commiphora myrrha zur Erntezeit der Gummiharze

The aromatic gums and resins from myrrh and frankincense have been used for more than 5000 years for ritual, medical and cosmetic purposes. The healing and anti-inflammatory effects of the gums and resins in numerous diseases have been known since ancient times.

The FLAVEX Organic Vanilla Project in Uganda

FLAVEX Naturextrakte GmbH and Coetzee Organic (U) Ltd are partners in a cooperation with 154 farmers with small-scale plantations – co-developing three officially registered farmers cooperatives located in Western Uganda in the breath-taking Rwenzori Mountains.