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FLAVEX relies on renewable energy sources

FLAVEX relies on renewable energy sources

For the supply of electrical energy, FLAVEX relies on the use of renewable power sources. Sustainably generated solar power is a foundation for the climate-neutral production of our natural extracts. Our goal is to produce as much solar power as possible with our own photovoltaic system in order to minimize the amount of green electricity that we have to buy in. We have been operating photovoltaic systems with a capacity of almost 200 kWp on the roofs of our buildings for many years. We are currently planning a significant expansion of areas on our premises for the use of solar energy.

Supporting electromobility with solar power

To protect the environment, global CO2 emissions from the consumption of fossil fuels must be reduced. FLAVEX is making its own efforts to protect the climate and is reducing climate-damaging emissions not only in its own manufacturing operations. We are now supporting the e-mobility of our employees with self-generated solar power.

We recently installed a new e-charging station on our premises. Our employees use the total of four wallboxes to charge their cars and electric bicycles. Our property maintenance equipment can also use these stations to recharge its batteries with solar power.

In this way, FLAVEX is making its own contribution to climate protection. Further projects to reduce our carbon footprint are already being planned. We have initiated measures to record the “carbon footprint” so that we can better evaluate our efforts. We will share details of our future plans here shortly.

FLAVEX Wallbox-Station
FLAVEX Solardach
FLAVEX Firmengebäude