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Our path to climate neutrality

Klimafreundlicher Mittelstand
Flavex Logo

FLAVEX invests extensively in the expansion of renewable energy sources. We already generate electricity from the company’s own photovoltaic systems and purchase 100% green electricity from external plants. As a result, our electricity consumption does not lead to any further emissions.

82% of the greenhouse gases released by FLAVEX result from our stationary generation of heat energy. We will continuously reduce these emissions, as well as the consumption of natural gas for heat generation. To achieve this goal, we are currently expanding our technical facilities for the use of solar energy and heat recovery.

The carbon footprint of our company

To determine the carbon footprint of FLAVEX, we performed a calculation based on the Greenhouse Gas Protocol in cooperation with the Association of Energy Purchasers (VEA).

The carbon footprint is based on the combination of consumption values and emissions and can be expressed in kilograms of CO2 equivalents (CO2e) per kilowatt hour.

After evaluating the data for 2022, a total carbon footprint of 218.9 metric tons of CO2e was determined. Based on our production volume, this results in a specific carbon footprint of just 0.16 kg CO2e per kilogram of raw material processed.

Thanks to our significant investments in renewable energies, we are on track to further successfully and sustainably reducing our emissions.

FLAVEX Solardach