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Flavex Naturextrakte GmbH
Nordstraße 7
D-66780 Rehlingen
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Fax: +49 (0) 68 35 / 91 95 - 95

Experience the essence of nature in your entire  body

CO2-extracts are particularly popular in dietary supplements due to their prophylactic efficacy and health
improving effects. They are preferably used for holistic treatments and supporting the healing process.
By exercising selectivity and versatility of the CO
2 extraction process, we are able to produce standard
products with a high concentration of active lipophilic components. Natural CO
2 extracts help to keep you
healthy in a natural way.

                                                          Dietary Supplements


Benefits of CO2 Extracts for your Food Supplements:

  • CO2 extracts are solvent-free and solely consist of extract components.
  • Drug/extract ratio of our CO2 extracts is outstanding. Therefore, your food supplements can profit
    from a high content of active components.
  • CO2 extracts are sterile and do not need any preservation. They are very stable and stand out due to
    long shelf life.
  • The natural purity of our CO2 extracts allows the simple Clean Label Declaration.
  • As a result of their composition and consistency, our CO2 extracts are ideal for softshell encapsulation.
    They can easily be standardized with plant oils.



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